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Team Camp – HTML5 and CSS3

Figured I would check out a presentation at The Code Factory about HTML5 and CSS3 today. Quite a few people came out to the event, which is pretty interesting. Nice to know that several people are interested in the subject and will be integrating several of these features into their future sites once the technology becomes more prevalent.

As was stated by @snookca the technology required for HTML5 and CSS3 to work is still in limbo. Several browsers still do not support everything, even browsers based on the same rendering engines. For example, most things render perfectly fine in Safari, but don’t work at all on Chrome. It will still take some time before we see parity across all platforms, but once it does developing web applications will be very fun.

Below are some sites that were mentioned in the presentation that show off some demos of HTML5/CSS3 technologies.

Sites of Interest